Anikka Fragodt

anikka fragodt

Former EA to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

Anikka Fragodt is the former EA to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, a position she started in 2006, when “Zuck” (as employees and friends call him) was just 21. She found the job in an IAAP jobs listing – “Experienced EA for young Silicon Valley CEO” – and the rest is history.

Anikka was not only one of the original EAs at Facebook, she played a pivotal role in hiring and training dozens of Admin who arrived after her, all the while serving as mentor and cheerleader to many of Facebook’s young and talented engineers, salespeople, and executives. In her time at Facebook, the company grew from a few dozen employees and a million users to a Fortune™ 500 Company with over a billion users and thousands of employees spread over two dozen locations globally. Many office moves, an IPO, a surprise wedding and countless other Facebook moments later, she’s moving on to the next chapter of her life - after taking a much-needed break from the working world.

Prior to Facebook, Anikka served as EA to the CEO and SVP of HR at Siebel Systems, as a legal secretary and recruiting coordinator and many other administrative roles. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Services from Notre Dame de Namur University and lives with her daughter in Northern California.